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Hello Beware OLD Chargeback Cheater

Beware this scammer for future deals to prevent getting Chargeback.

ALERT: OLD guy made the new website as

Forum ID: huzi104124 & czzchen

New Web Details:
Name: 陈 作章 aka 李 占虎 aka Robert ben

WhatsApp: +852 67363769
WeChat: +85267363769
Viber: +85267363769
Skype: live:233aea9c6df33a83

OLD Chargeback Details:

Name: 李占虎 (Li Zhanhu)

Chargeback PayPal ID:
Another PayPal ID:

Server Username : sellunlocker

WhatsApp: +8617080615555 , +8615866881235 , +852 62301197
*New WhatsApp: +15186221346 , +1 (518) 622-1346
Here his New number: +85259156518
Viber: +86 170 8061 5555
WeChat: +852 62301197
Skype: yixuntongkeji

Chargeback Details:

Name: Kevin
Business Name: 深圳市陆深通讯有限公司 (Shenzhen Sheng Lushen Communication Co., Ltd.)
Address: 深圳市陆深通讯有限公司, 广东 shenzhen, 518000, China (Shenzhen Lushen Communication Co., Ltd., Guangdong shenzhen, 518000, China)

Chargeback PayPal ID:

Server Username : imeikey
Another email:

WhatsApp: +8613714555363
Viber: +86 137 1455 5363
Skype: gsm-shkj

Forum ID: czzchen & huzi104124 same guy.


Case-ID-17341677 Unauthorised transaction 21 Nov 2018 $599.00 USD
Case-ID-17237643 Item not received 19 Nov 2018 $19.00 USD
Case-ID-17237582 Item not received 19 Nov 2018 $83.00 USD
Case-ID-17237506 Item not received 19 Nov 2018 $104.00 USD
Case-ID-17237399 Item not received 19 Nov 2018 $52.50 USD


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