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iPhone 2G / 3G / 3GS Includes iPhone 2G / 3G / 3GS Support & Solutions

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  • Always Use Search Button And Check STICKY THREADS Before You Post or Open New Thread (If You Wanna be Professional Start Reading and Searching ).
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  • USE Report Button When You Find Useless or Spam.
  • Do Not Open New Threads Or Posts Asking About IMEI Check or Factory Unlocking Prices. OR Your Posts Will be Deleted
    For Factory unlock or Any Sales Related POST in Proper Section.
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  • Make Sure You Are Posting In Correct Section.

  • English Only Allowed in This Forum And No Fights Or Insulting Allowed Or You Will Be Banned Immediately.
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Making news thread rules:

- Please Check Picture Size Before Posting it Otherwise it Will be Deleted
- Don't start thread with useless title better tag it like [NEWS].
-Don't post spam or advertise for your site as news thread.
-Make news thread only about apple and jailbreak and unlock news not factory unlocking services or unlocking sim.

We All Here to Help Each Others and Help users .

Hope I Made Rules SIMPLE And CLEAR

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