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GU Series
GU200 ROM_GU200AT-00-V10b-EUR-XXX-AUG-20-2010-0
GU200A ROM_GU200aAT-00-V10a-VIV-XXX-JUN-17-2010-3
GU200B GU200bAT-00-V10b-724-XXX-FEB-14-2011-0
GU220 BIN_GU220AT-00-V10r-404-XXX-JUL-04-2011-0
GU230 ROM_GU230AT-00-V10c-EUR-XXX-JUL-19-2010-0
GU230GO BIN_GU230GOAT-01-V10c-234-30-DEC-17-2010-0
GU280 BIN_GU280AT-00-V10m-OPEN-XX-MAY-26-2010-0
GU282 BIN_GU282AT-00-V10b-425-01-JUL-09-2010-0
GU285 BIN_GU285AT-00-V10b-505-XX-JUL-01-2010-0
GU285F BIN_GU285fAT-01-V10a-724-05-DEC-28-2009-3
GU285G BIN_GU285gAT-01-V10a-TGO-XXX-JAN-26-2010-3
GU290F GU290f-DZ-V10e-DEC-20-2010-TNZ-NZ
GU290V GU290V-DZ-V10e-SEP-08-2010-VMB-CA
GU297 GU297-DZ-V10d-OCT-05-2010-AMC-CA
GU297a GU297a-DZ-V10e-OCT-19-2010-AVC-CA
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